Directorate of Trade


of Trade


The Directorate

of Trade headed by the Director General consists of seven departments


  • Trade

    Affairs Department,

  • Accounts


  • Export

    Control Department,

  • Import

    Control Department,

  • International

    Trade Promotion Department,

  • Policy

    and Statistics Department and

  • Administration

    and Training Department.

It is responsible

for the formulation of trade policies and plans with the aim to regulate

the smooth flow of internal and external trade. It occasionally releases

trade notifications, directives and issues export/import licences and

also certificate of GSP FORM A and Country of Origin.

It undertakes

registration of exporter/importer and business representatives and all

export promotional activities. It is also the regulatory body of imports

and exports of the private sector in the overseas trade.

Directorate of Trade is also the National Focal Point for the World Trade

Organization_ WTO since January,1997.


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