Shwesettaw Wildlife Sanctuary

  • Shwesettaw

    Wildlife Sanctuary


  • Located

    between 20° 12′ N and 94° 35′ E in Minbu, Setote-taya, Saku and Ngapeh

    Townships of Magwe Division.


  • 213.4

    square miles.


of Establishment

  • Established

    as Wildlife Sanctuary in 1940 and strengthened with more staff in 1985

  • Yangon

    to Magwe, 331 miles by car and Magwe to Minbu, 2 miles by river-route

    and Minbu to Shwesettaw, 30 miles by car.


  • (a) To

    protect and conserve the endemic Shwethamin (Cervus eldithamin)

    deer of Myanmar.

  • (b) To

    conserve the “Than-dahat” forest which is part of the Dry Zone Ecosystem

    and natural habitat of Shwethamin.

  • (c) To

    conserve the important Mon and Manth watersheds.

  • (d) To

    sustain the environs of the cherished Shwesettaw Buddhist heritage


/ Vegetative Types

  • (a) Than-dahat


  • (b) Low

    ‘Indaing’ (Dry Dipterocarp) Forest

  • (c) Dry

    Deciduous Forest

  • Bear,

    Gaur, Sambar, Barking Deer, Eld’s deer, Wild boar and various types

    of wild cats, wild dogs and birds.In accordance with 1998 inventory,

    the population of thamin is increasing by (1088 ± 269) and the

    rare Star turtoise (Geochelone platynota) is also present.


Development and Research   Programmes

  • (a) Conservation

    of natural forests.

  • (b) Conservation

    and maintenance of the buffer-Zone.

  • (c) Conservation

    and protection of wildlife including the Myanmar Shwe Thamin.

  • (d) Inventory

    and research on the natural habitats and ecosystem of shwethamin.

  • (e) Upgrading

    of the area to promote ecotourism.

  • (f) Educational

    programmes of environment conservation during religious festivals


for Study and Recreation

  • (a) Observation

    of the habits and habitats of the Myanmar Shwe Thamin.

  • (b) Observation

    of the Dry Zone Ecosystem and wildlife.

  • (c) Pilgrimage

    and homage to the footprint of Buddha.

  • (d) Observation

    of life and habits of the rare reptile Star tortoise.

  • (e) Observation

    of the culture of the Chin ethnic nationals.

  • (f) Accommodation

    for 20 persons at 2 guest houses.

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