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About Myanmar : Women’s Affairs in Myanmar

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The Status of women in the Union of Myanmar is unique. Traditionally, women have enjoyed equal rights with men in all crucial areas such as education, health, employment, social and political activities.

As women represent more than half the population of the nation, the active participation of the womenfolk is vital in the State’s endeavours to build a developed nation. Therefore, the national policies and programs for the advancement of women both in urban and rural areas, especially in the border areas have been given priority to enable the State to utilize the full strength of women.

The Myanmar National Working Committee for Women’s Affairs (MNWCWA) was formed on 7 October 1996. It was followed by the formation of State, Division, District and Township (grass-roots) levels working committees for women’s affairs throughout the country. The working committee has identified six critical areas of concern that are considered to be the most relevant for advancement of Myanmar women. They are education, health, economy, violence against women, the girlchild, and culture. More recently, seventh critical area of concern, i.e. women and environment has been added to the national activities.

Myanmar became a State Party to the Convenion on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women on 22 July 1997.

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