Health Research





Department of Medical Research carried out extensive research in Malaria,

diarrhoea, anaemia, iodine deficiency disorders, snake bite, viral hepatitis and intestinal

helthminthiasis. The findings have contributed to the diagnosis, management, prevention,

control and in understanding of etiology and pathogenesis of these health problems.

     Moreover, the Department of

Health Planning, the Department of Health, the Department of Medical Sciences and the

Department of Traditional Medicine are also implementing research activities in addition

to their principal functions.

     As a result of urgent need in the

health programme management many researchers had commenced to conduct Health Systems

Research (HSR) during the last decade. In Myanmar development of HSR has been attempted

through capacity building of health workers, increasing their knowledge and experiences

through training, workshops and seminars, and encouraging utilization of HSR in health

programme management . Collaboration with both international agencies and other related

ministries in the country to conduct health research has also been undertaken. To further

extend an strengthen the research activities a new Department of Medical Research (Upper

Myanmar) has been established

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on production of Hepatitis B


Vaccine at the Department of Medical


Research (Lower Myanmar)