Press Briefing on Wa Peace Group

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Press Briefing on Wa Peace Group

Jun 08, 2001

A Press briefing on Mongyun region of Wa peace group in the eastern Shan State was held at Tatmadaw Guest House on Inya Road Yangon 17 May.

Lt-Col San Pwint of the Office of Strategic Studies ( OSS )said delegates to Ministerial and Senior Officials Meetings of Signatory Countries to 1993 Memorandum of Understanding on Drug Control in East Asia and Pacific Region and local and foreign journalists visited Mongyun region of Wa Peace group in eastern Shan State on 13 May. The Press briefing was to recount what Wa nationals race leaders told the delegates, for the benefit of journalists of news agencies and periodicals who were not included in the study team.

Lt-Col San Pwint briefed them on the background history of the region, regional development undertakings, implementation of the task to completely rid the entire Wa region of narcotic drugs in 2005, success in cultivating seasonal and perennial opium substitute crops in Mongyun region, the Thai media’s irresponsible accusations that Mongyun region was “a stimulant pill production area, “and the objective conditions of the region which do not at all tally with the irresponsible accusations.
He also said that the Wa national people have extended an invitation to anyone to visit any place in their region at any time under the government’s permission.
The journalists also viewed a map showing the current situation of the recaptured Pachee outpost and the documentaries on the planting of lychee in Wanhon region, development projects in Lwehsansaw and Mongyun regions, reclaimed land in Mongyun region, paddy warehouses which Thai side labeled as drug refineries, the Mongyun Conference Hall which was errorneously identified as a five star hotel, the Mongyun Market which the Thai side identified as a drug production department and the hydro- power station in Mongyun Township which the Thai side said was a drug refinery.

Posted: Friday, June 08, 2001 5:04 PM