Chairman Addresses Course Graduates

News & Views : Chairman Addresses Course Graduates

Chairman Addresses Course Graduates

Jun 20, 2001

Patron of the Union Solidarity and Development Association Chairman of the State Peace and Development Council Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Than Shwe addressed the closing ceremony of Myanmar and International Affairs Studies Course No 2 and advanced Management Course No 9 for Executives of USDA at the Central Public Relations Unit in Yangon on 25 May.

Following are excerpts from Senior General Than Shwe’s speech:

– Amity, solidarity, unity, patriotism, Union Spirit, intellectual power and social ability are national strength.

– Continuous efforts are being made to promote and propagate Union Spirit, which will preserve the values of the Union and peace and unity, among the member.

– USDA was founded for emergence of a national force which can maintain peace and stability and safeguard and develop the nation.

– A large number of working programmes have been laid down and implemented in all the sectors and regions for emergence of a peaceful, tranquil, modern and developed nation.

– A network of roads and bridges which have been built in the nation are the main economic infrastructures.

– It is the strategy of the State to build a sufficient number of dams and develop the agriculture sector.

– To develop human resources of the State, a national education promotion special plan is being implemented.

– Arrangements are being made to develop the education sector with a 30 year long-term plan.

– To enable students to pursue higher education, one hundred and twenty five universities and colleges have been opened to date.

Posted: Wednesday, June 20, 2001 10:58 AM