To My Friend

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To My Friend

Jun 20, 2001

* You and I
May have border divide
And different names
But are together, friend.

* You and I
With common border
Hugging each other
Know each other, friend.

* You and I
And helpful
Constant in mind, friend.

* You and I
In religious
And kin affairs
Share due regard, friend.

* You and I
Have mutual regard
Radiate goodwill
Share fairness, friend.

* However
If anyone wishes ill
Of our friendship, intimacy
Stirs bad blood, with ill will
Concocts, plays different
Should you believe, you’d be wrong
With that in mind, I ask you to beware.

Aung Hla Tun ( Trs)

( The above poem alludes to relations between Myanmar and a neighbour. It appeared in the 4 June 2001 issue of the New Light of Myanmar daily newspaper. )

Posted: Wednesday, June 20, 2001 10:58 AM