Social Welfare Departmen

Social Welfare


“Social Welfare” is an organized activity that aims

at helping towards a mutual adjustment of individuals and their social

environment. This objective is achieved through the use techniques and methods

which are designed to enable individuals, groups and communities to meet their

needs and solve their problems of adjustment to a changing pattern of society,

and through cooperative to improve economic and social conditions.

In Myanmar, Social Welfare

Services was initiated by the

Religious Associations and voluntary Associations. The majority of Myanmar

citizens are Buddhists ‘who are very generous and donate not only to religious organizations but also to the needy.

Therefore, various organizations for

social services have been in existence in Myanmar for a long

time. These organizations have carried out activities especially in the areas of

care of the aged and care of the youth. Youth care activities were done by the

Buddhist monasteries where youths were brought up and educated. Missionaries of

other religious in Myanmar also took part in establishing institutions for the


In 1953, the Ministry of Social Welfare was formed at the

National level and the Department of Social Welfare (DSW) was formed to carry out

the social welfare activities. Nowadays social welfare activities are being

expanded and carried out by both GOs and NGOs.

Legislative Aspect

Types of Social Welfare Services


Activities and Relationship Between Government and NGOs

Myanmar National Committee for Women’s Affairs

National Committee on the Rights of the Child

Myanmar National Committee on Social Development





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