Dru g Su ppressi on Efforts Of Kachin State Special Region

Drug Suppression Efforts Of Kachin State Special Region (1)

In December 1989, Burma Communist Party Military Region (10 l ) led by U Za Khun

Ting Ring broke away from the Burma Communist Party and made peace with the Government. It was designated as Kachin State

Special Region (1). It was based in Panwar, Kambiketee region in Sadon/ Sawlaw Township

in Eastern Kachin State. There was opium cultivation before peace was achieved. After

peace had prevailed, under the leadership of the State, development activities for the region and

anti-narcotic activities were carried out in tandem. In formulating policy for the suppression of narcotic drugs, the

region concluded that narcotic drugs sapped the morale ale and character of the nation, that

colonialists introduced narcotic drugs for the sinister aim of enslaving the nation, that narcotic drugs

impeded development of the region, bringing miseries and diseases and that

eradication of narcotic drugs was imperative. For these reasons, the region decided

that narcotic drugs were to be totally eradicated through discipline, force and authority and the production, consumption and trafficking of narcotic drugs

were to be completely prohibited. It also decided to completely ban the cultivation of

opium poppy and to implement the cultivation of substitute crops, to prevent imports of narcotic from another region and to carry out implementation as a national duty and in accordance with the objectives laid down by the State.

For the implementation of these decisions, an order banning cultivation of opium poppy during 1994-95 poppy growing season was issued. Orders banning production, consumption and trafficking of narcotic drugs were issued and actions were taken against violators. Leaders of the Special Region (1), having first discussed the destruction of poppy fields with the local populace, launched a military operation and destroyed over 3000 acres of poppy grown clandestinely deep inside the forests in eastern and northern parts of Sadden. In 1996-97 poppy growing season, troops from Kachin State Special Regions (1), the Tatmadaw and members of KIO in Kachin State Special Region (2) destroyed in a joint operation over 800 acres of poppy grown clandestinely by the local populace. Over 200 acres of poppy were destroyed in the same manner in 1997-98 poppy-growing season. 

In I 997, Kachin State Special Region

(1) established an anti-drugs fund with foreign donations, carried out treatment of drugs-addicts, information and educative campaigns, drug suppression activities and made efforts to uplift the lives of the local populace through crop substitution. For the improvement of youths’ character and their education, training courses were conducted.

In crop substitution, Kachin Special Region (1) spent a large amount of money to put 450 acres under tea in Sunkyaing, 130 acres under sugar cane in Mannmein, 5000

acres under perennial crops in Sadone region. Due to loss of income to the local populace through non-cultivation of poppy, 180 tons of rice was distributed and Kyats 1.4 million worth of substitute crops such as maize, potato, beans, oil, mustard seeds and Kyats 4 million of apple, apricot, and chestnut were provided. Drugs suppression activities in Kachin State Special Region (1) were 95 % successful.