Narcotic Drugs Suppression Measures undertaken by Northern Shan State Special Region (7)

Narcotic Drugs Suppression

Measures undertaken by Northern Shan State Special Region (7) (PSLA)

After entering into legal fold on 27 May

1991, Palaung State Liberation Army (PSLA) led by U Ike Mone joined hands with the

Government in the activities of all-round development of their region covering- the areas

of Namtu, Mang Tong, Mong Wee, Mong Yu Lay, Nam Khan, south-east Moe Meik, Kyauk

Me, Thi Baw. The Government has also designated those areas as Northern Shan State

Special Region (7) and rendered necessary supervision and assistance in their efforts for

regional development works and eradication of narcotic drugs in the region.

Since restoration of peace in the region, the Northern Shan State Special Region (7) has

been making efforts to get rid of poppy plantations in their region and to cultivate

substitution crops in those fields once covered by poppy. Notifications were also issued stating that

poppy growers and those associated with the narcotic drugs will be severely punished.

In July 1993, there had been an incidence in which two dealers of narcotic drugs, while

being arrested, resisted the PSLA troops who had thus to retaliate with force and captured both of

them dead. Subsequently, it was announced that action will be taken more harshly against those

offenders involving in narcotic drugs activities. Efforts were also stepped up to effectively

persuade and educate the local populace to grow substitution crops annually. All of the poppy fields

in Mang Tong area were totally destroyed during 1998, while necessary arrangements were made

to ensure the betterment of the livelihood of the local inhabitants by seeking necessary assistance

from the Government.

In accordance with the decision of the Meeting of the Central Committee of Northern Shan State Special Region (7), a notification was-issued in 1998 stating that nobody is allowed to engage in narcotic drugs activities, and serious action will be taken against the offenders. The announcement also made it clear that the Special Region (7) will take measures to combat against narcotic drugs in accordance with the guidelines and projects laid down by the Government in this regard.