Anti-narcotics Measures Undertaken by Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)

Anti-narcotics Measures Undertaken by Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)

Establishment of Myanmar Anti narcotic Association


Myanmar Anti-narcotic Association( MANA) was established on 26 June 1994as a social organization comprising of25-member Central Committee and12 executive members.

The purposes of the association areas follows: 

(a) To mutually assist, as a social organization, in the projects of the

Government, which has been striving as a national duty to prevent and suppress the

menace of the narcotic drugs,

threatening the country.

(b) To participate as an additional force in the collective endeavours for

effective prevention and treatment of the infection and rapid spread of H.I.V among the

intravenous drug users (IDUS), as the problem required expeditious and concerted efforts.

The following are the work programme of the Association-

(a) To prepare and implement projects to expand public education activities on drug prevention and

treatment so as to reach the target group.

(b) To assist in drugs prevention and treatment projects being

implemented by the Government by not only using drug treatment techniques currently practiced in

Myanmar but also acquiring new modern techniques being employed at the international level.

(c) To assist in the region and groups which were not yet covered by the

anti-narcotic project of the Government as well as in those areas that are in need of urgent


(d) To carry out rehabilitation and support activities by

implementation of projects to address physical, mental, social and economic problems related to

drug abuse.

(e) To undertake all-round education

(f) activities on prevention of infection and spread of AIDS among intravenous drug users

(IDUS) with priority given to drug education project targeting the most vulnerable group.

To assist in solving the problems that may arise as a consequence of drug abuse.

(g) To acquire expertise, technical, financial material assistance and to

cooperate with internal and external organizations which share common objectives and interest, in

order to achieve greater success in implementing afore-mentioned activities.

(h) To liaise with internal and external research organizations who share

common objectives and interest in exchange of information and research activities that will

contribute to prevention and

treatment of AIDS and the drug abuse.

(i) To fill the needs of the drug abuse problems that may arise among the public from time to time.

Other Anti-Narcotic Activities

The drug education and anti-narcotic activities such as holding of talks and

lectures on drug education, painting, essay, poem and postcard competitions, erecting of

posters, have been activity organized at schools through out the country. Moreover,

on the Narcotic Drugs Elimination Day, which falls on June 26 every year, the programmes on drug prevention

activities were telecast. The Government is carrying out anti-narcotic activities through adoption

of projects with an aim of eliminating of drugs in Myanmar. In accordance with the

project, posters and bulletins on anti- narcotics education were published, and competition and test on awareness of drug

education were conducted in every township throughout the country. Furthermore, Myanmar delegations have participated in

conferences, meetings, seminars, study tours and training courses concerning drug

preventing activities held in foreign countries. The afore-mentioned

anti-narcotic activities were held with the assistance and cooperation of international organizations.

Cooperation with Foreign NGOs 

As part of Myanmar’s cooperation with foreign Non-Governmental Organization, the project on “Injecting Drug

Abuse Prevention Education” is being jointly implemented by the CCDAC and World Concern in Myitkyina and Pha Kant

areas, Kachin state of northern Myanmar with an aim to educate the injecting drug

users to have their behavior changed and to persuade them to receive medical treatments. The project, which was launched 

on October 1998, is planned to be implemented for 24 months with UNDCP’s contribution of US dollar 390,000.00.

Anti-narcotic Measures Taken by Young Men Buddhist Association


Anti-narcotic measure taken by Young Men Buddhist

Association (YMBA), which was established In ]906 with the purpose of nationalism religion and

education, has been actively playing a significant role for the past 92 years in

organizing  the youth to refrain from alcohol and tobacco as well as

in preventing from infiltration of culture and behavior contrary to Myanmar

traditional culture. With a view to promoting the campaign for

refraining from narcotic drugs, the following activities such as teaching

of 38 rules of Buddha’s preachings for beatific life (38 rules of Mingla),

promotion of public awareness on anti-narcotic education, holding of essay

competitions on abstaining from use of alcohol and narcotic drugs abuse were

organized by the YMBA in 164 township centers for propagation of Buddha’s

teachings. In carrying out such activities, the CCDAC is coordinating with the

State and Division Narcotic Control Boards concerned to see to it that the

instructors receive teaching aid materials on drugs-related knowledge.

Border Areas Development Association (BDA)


Border Areas Development Association  (BDA) was established on 17 December

1996 with Its purpose being to render necessary assistance in the Development of

the remote border areas. This Non-Governmental Association has 10 members under

the chairmanship of Attorney U Ba Shwe with its headquarters situated at No.97,

Thanlwin Road, Kamayut, Yangon.

Projects Undertaken by BDA in Kokang Area

BDA is currently engaging in  implementation of two development projects in

Ta  Shwe Tan village in Kokang area. The first  project is designed to

provide water supply and to  agricultural income generating activities in

Tar  Shwe Tan village in Laukkai Township. Japanese  Government

contributed US $ 6960 for the  project. The grant contract for the project

was  signed on 2 August 1998 by the Japanese  Ambassador to Myanmar

and the Chairman of  BDA. Although the project period was earlier 

planned for six months from January to June  1998, it is still under

implementation for various  reasons.

The other project being implemented by  BDA with the financial support of Japanese

Government is designed to provide materials and technical assistance to

education and health sectors of Tar Shwe Tan village. The project was signed on

24 December 1997 by the Japanese Ambassador and the Chairman of BDA. 

Although the project was

initially intended to be executed for one year from January to December 

1998, it is still in the process of implementation  due to delay in receipt

of financial support.

Activities of BDA

In order to implement the two  development projects, BDA has conducted a

field survey in Ta Shwe Tan village of Laukkai  Township and executed the

project in the following sector-wise activities starting from April 1998; 

(a) Education Sector 

In this sector, two buildings

for village primary school and a brick fencing were constructed and school

furniture as well as teaching aid materials were provided at the total cost of K


(b) Health Sector

In this sector, renovation of

village clinic and provision of furniture, basic medical supplies and clinical

equipment were made at a total cost of Kyats 140,4390.

The fore-going activities have brought the total expenditure already committed

in both education and health sectors to Kyats 4887731. Arrangements are being

made to start the works for provision of water supply.

Donation of Sports Goods and Boxing Stadium

for the YDTRU

With a view to providing physical training to the ex-drug users patients for

restoration of their health at the Yangon Drugs Addicts Treatment and Research Unit

(YDTRU), Mr. Shiro Miguki and other donors of Japan have donated a boxing

stadium, which was constructed starting from 25 August 1998. The boxing stadium

together with boxing sports materials at value of Japanese Yen 783000 was handed

over to YDTRU at a ceremony held on 21 October 1998.


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