Moe Hein Military Operations

Moe Hein Military Operations

       Operation Moe Hein was carried out from 14 September till 6 October 1975 in Mongpan Township, Wun Pi region, Southern Shan State. There were 12 engagements with combined forces of SURA Insurgents and

about 300 Chinese KMT troops. The Tatmadaw had one killed and 19 injured. From the enemy’s side, the Tatmadaw had captured five bodies, one alive, five firearms, two mules, two opium producing camps, eight barrels of liquid opium and fourteen items of paraphernalia.

Moe Hein Operation Phase 1

                    Foreign Military Attaches and journalists viewing the opium seized by the Moe Hein Operation

       From 26 April to 7 May 1976 the Tatmadaw destroyed Opium

Producing Factories near Mong Tuan and Na Mon region of Mong Hsat

township. Tatmadaw lost one and had two injured. From the enemy side,

10 were killed and, 69 different fire arms, 30 pounds of marijuana, 363

kg of raw opium, 440 gallons of liquid opium, one pound of opium

residue, 2000 pounds of burnt opium, 3816 pounds of ammonia, 590

gallons of ether, 40 gallons of chlorine, 66 gallons of chloroform and

other paraphernalia were captured.