Moe Hein Operation Phase 3


Moe Hein Operation Phase 3

       The Tatmadaw destroyed opium producing factories in Mong Maw,

Man Ton, Wan Na Hein, Kaung Mite Hon and Wan Mat Lan regions at

Myanmar-Thai Border, with Moe Hein Operation Phase 3 from June

18-25, 1977. The Tatmadaw with air support had engaged in 9

skirmishes with 700 strong SU1RA insurgents and Kokang Chinese

KMT forces. Tatmadaw lost two and 11 injured. Eight enemy troops

were killed, two injured and one captured alive. Apprehended also were

30 different arms, 70 packets of opium powder, 63 bottles of

concentrated acid, 1 five-gallon tin of ether, 2 tins of chloroform and 2

bags of ammonium chloride.