Moe Hein Operation Phase 5

Moe Hein Operation Phase 5

                                           Foreign Military Attaches viewing the narcotic drugs, arms and

                                                   ammunitions seized by Operation Moe Hein phase (5)

       From 19 February to 8 March 1980, the Tatmadaw launched an

offensive at Lau Lo Chai region in Myanmar-Thai Border under Moe Hein Operation Phase 5 arid successfully destroyed the opium producing

factories. Tatmadaw occupied the opium producing camps of Loimaw in Ah Kauk Htan, Chen Chi Fu and Lau Lo Chai and occupied the private

opium producing camps at Pu Ta Se, Eik Shao Si Paing, Shao Paing, Chan San Paing and Wai Su Yan Paing. In that operation, the

Tatmadaw engaged in 9 skirmishes, which resulted in 5 injured while the enemy side lost 10 and one injured. The Tatmadaw apprehended 10

different arms, 10 bags of ammonium chloride, sixty 50 -pound bags of SOT powder, 1 kilo of brown opium, one pack of 999 brown opium, 2

kilos of Heroin No. 3, 683 kilos of unidentified white powder, 11 tins of raw opium liquid, 33 gallons of mixed black opium liquid, 3 tins of brown

chemicals, 300 gallons of unidentified chemicals, 20 kilos of Soda and other paraphernalia.

                                    Precursor chemicals from the Loimaw Insurgents’ opium refinery seized by

                                                                       Operation Moe Hein

phase (5)