Moe Hein Operation Phase 8

Moe Hein Operation Phase 8

                                             Col. Khin Nyunt (now Lt. General Khin Nyunt) giving a press

                                                briefing on the Operation Moe Hein phase (8) to foreign

                                       Military Attaches, personnel from the UN Agencies and local/foreign

                                                      journalists at the Eastern Command Headquarters.

       Nine Opium producing camps belonging to Moe Hein Shan

insurgents of Lau Lo Chai region in Tacheleik Township and San Kalan

Sailon region south of Mae Pan Township and 13 Camps of Khun Sa’s

Loimaw insurgents were destroyed by Tatmadaw under Moe Hein

Operation Phase 8 from 6 Apirl to 14 May 1984. In this operation, the

Tatmadaw lost its 12 members and had 49 injured while 18 enemies were

killed and 1 captured alive, 4 enemies surrendered and 8 hardcore

members were arrested. The Tatmadaw seized from the enemy, 32

different items of weapons, 965 kg of opium,50 gallons of liquid opium,

23 gallons of concentrated liquid opium, chemicals, and other

paraphernalia. The Tatmadaw destroyed 5 opium producing camps and

43 huts altogether.