Military Operations

Military Operations

During the years prior to its shouldering of the State power in 1988, the Tatmadaw had effectively carried out the fight against narcotic drug activities

by launching special military operations. Also in the years following the assumption of the State’s responsibilities, the Tatmadaw continued its steadfast efforts to suppress the narcotic drugs activities through destruction of poppy fields, surveillance and seizure of drug traffickers and setting afire of all the opium refineries found.

Military Offensives in the Mongkyut Area:

Secretary-2 and Chief of

Staff (Army) Lt-Gen Tin Oo holding discussion with
the responsible officials on

the Mongkyut Operation activities.

The Loimaw Group had engaged in opium smuggling and drugs trafficking, employing armed troops in the

regions of Homein, Monghtaw, Monghta of Shan State near the Myanmar-Thai border. The

Tatmadaw successfully eliminated the Loimaw opium smugglers group by launching Mongkyut military operation

from 11 May 1994 to 24 June 1994. There were a total of 92 major armed encounters

with the enemy during the Mongkyut operation resulting in the following casualties and seizures:


Enemies :

252 persons (captured dead)
(b) Enemies


2 persons (captured alive)
(c) Assorted

arms :

158 units
(d) Assorted

ammunition :

7064 rounds
(e) Assorted

Bombs :

142 pieces
(f) Landmines(miscellaneous)


(h) Detonator


150 Nos.

Communications Equipment :

2 Nos.

Marijuana :

183 kilo


Bunkers and the enemies’

camps in Mongkyut area.


Military Attaches and local

and foreign journalists seeking information
after enemies’ camps in Mongkyut

area were captured.


Arms and ammunitions seized

from the opium traffickers in Mongkyut Operation.

In Mongkyut operation, 287 members of Tatmadaw including 7 officers sacrificed their lives and 936 members of Tatmadaw including 31 officers were wounded.

Military Offensive in the Barkyan Area:

The Tatmadaw launched again another offensive against Loimaw opium smugglers group in Barkyan area in Shan

State from 11 March to 4 May 1995. During the operation, 55 armed encounters took

place resulting in the following casualties and seizures: 

(a)Enemies : 218 persons (captured dead)

arms : 

26 units

ammunition :

1,287 rounds
(d)Landmines : 83 Nos.

Bombs :

95 Nos.

In Barkyan offensive, one Tatmadaw officer plus 76 other ranks sacrificed their lives and 175 members of

Tatmadaw  were wounded.

Enemies’ weapons seized by

the Tatmadaw.

After assuming the State power by the

Tatmadaw in September 1988, the Government’s efforts in the fight against the narcotic drugs had resulted in significant

achievements. But this was achieved at great cost: 259 members of the Armed Forces

sacrificed their lives and 937 members were wounded during the period from 1988 to 1998. A

total of 285 enemies were captured dead and 209 units of assorted weapons were seized during the

same period.

Precursor chemicals and

equipment used for manufacturing heroin.

Unconditional Surrender of MTA led by

U Khun Sa:

A total of 13947 members of the Mong Tai Army (MTA) led by U Khun Sa, together

with 784 family members unconditionally surrendered to the Government from 5 January

1996 up to 30 December 1997. They entered into legal fold together with their family members,

9879 pieces of weapons and assorted ammunition.