Nga-Ye-Pan Military Operation Phase 8.

Nga-Ye-Pan Military Operation Phase 8.

       Nga-Ye-Pan Phase 8 was carried out from 7 December 1986 to 22

February 1987,in 26 townships of Shan State Eastern Command region,

namely, Mong Pyin, Kyaing Tong, Mong Phyat, Mong Hsat, Mong Tong,

Tacheleik, Pan Yan (Maw Pha), Mong Shu, Mong Kaing, Le Char, Kun

Hein, Ho Pon, Nam Sam, Mo Ne, Lin Khay, Mong Pan, Pin Laung, Se

Sai, Phe Khon, Mong Khat, Mong Tong, and the North Eastern

Command region, namely, Kuan Lon, Tan Yang, Theinni, Lashio. In

these operations, 15661 acres of poppy fields were destroyed in 26

townships. The Tatmadaw lost 3 men and had 4 injured. From the enemy

side 6 were killed, 1 was captured alive and 4 fire arms were seized.