Opium Yield Survey

Myanmar-American Survey-tearm Photo1 YANGON, 23 Feb 1998- Under the

joint operation against narcotic drugs eradication programme between the

governments of Myanmar and the United States, the Air Force helicopters

flew to illegal poppy plantations in the Eastern Command and North-East

Command areas in Shan State from 16 to 21 February 1998 and gathered poppy

samples and surveyed poppy plantations there.

The team also observed poppy plantations jointly destroyed by the

military columns and local people. During the trip, members of the team

held discussions on opium refineries exposed and destroyed by the military

columns, possibilities for cultivation of 

opium-substitute crops and

narcotic drugs eradication programme. 

The team comprised officials of

the Directorate of Defence Services Intelligence, Myanmar Police Force

Special Narcotic Squad, Myanmar Agriculture Service and local military

columns plus Thomas Murphy, Douglas Rassmusen, Ms Sue Bromley and Dr Basil

Acock of the US Department of Agriculture and US Embassy officials

totalling 14 led by member of the Central Committee for Drug Abuse Control

Head of Department of the Office of the Strategic Studies Col Kyaw Thein.

The joint

Myanmar-US team left here by Tatmadaw flight on 16 

Myanmar-American Survey-tearm Photo2

and gathered poppy samples from the illegal plantations in Pinlaung

Township in the Eastern Command, Shan State. It also video-taped the

destroyed poppy plantations.


Myanmar-American Survey-tearm Photo3 The same day, it surveyed opium plantations in Leicha Township. At 8 am

on 17 February, Col Kyaw Thein and US government officials led by Mr

Thomas Murphy called on Chairman of Shan State Peace and Development

Council Commander of Eastern Command Brig-Gen Maung Bo. 

They proceeded to the poppy

plantations in Mongpan Township and collected poppy samples. The following

morning, they also collected poppy samples from poppy plantations in

Siseng and Loilen Townships. They went on to Lashio via Taunggyi.


At the Shweli Guest House in the evening, they met local authorities

and discussed law enforcement to eradicate narcotic drugs in northern Shan

State. On 19 February morning, the joint Myanmar-American team arrived at

Walin Village in Mongmaw Township, Wa region, northern Shan State.

Members of the team collected poppy samples from poppy plantations in

the region and discussed opium eradication with Wa national race leaders U

Pau Laik Kham, U Kyauk Wan Kuan and 

Myanmar-American Survey-tearm Photo4
U Kyan Ywet Chan.

In the afternoon, they also collected poppy samples from the

plantations in Hopang Township. On 20 February morning, Col Kyaw Thein and

Mr Murphy called on Chairman of Shan State (North) Peace and Development

Council Commander of North-East Command Brig-Gen Thiha Thura Tin Aung

Myint Oo. They later collected poppy samples from poppy plantations in

Tangyang Township.

Myanmar-American Survey-tearm Photo5 This is the fourth joint

Myanmar-American survey on poppy cultivation.

Similar measures were taken in 1993, 1995 and 1997.

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