249 drug-related cases exposed in March

249 drug-related cases

exposed in March 

Yangon, 14 May-The

Tatmadaw, the Myanmar Police Force and the Customs Department exposed 249

drug-related cases in March. The authorities seized 149.5665 kilos of opium in

52 cases, 9.9252 kilos of heroin in 94 cases, 0.1151 kilo of opium oil in one

case, 1.3687 kilos of low-grade opium in four cases, 32.5936 kilos of marijuana

in 20 cases, 19.38 litres of Phensedyl in six cases, 650,092 stimulant pills in

47 cases, 0.7369 kilo of Ephedrine in one case, 0.0005 kilo of stimulant powder

in one case, 9.8 litres of Acetic Anhydride, 11014.688 litres of chemical liquid

in one case, 2095 kilos of chemical powder, 20 cases for failure to register and

three other cases.

Action was taken against 360 persons’ 285 men and 75 women’s in

connection with 249 drug-related cases in March 2001.