Three men get imprisonment

men get imprisonment

11 Sept – A combined team comprising members of the local intelligence unit and
Tachilek Township Police Force, acting on a tip-off, raided and searched Room-
No 206, Hninzi Guest House, Makaokhan Ward, Tachilek Township, at 6.00 pm on 7
March 2000. The team seized 30,600 stimulant tablets from Aik Lon, Sam Net and
Aik Sam who were staying at the guest house.

Tachilek Police Station opened a case
according to Sections 15/19 (A)121 of Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances
Law against Aik Lon, 22, son of U Arnam, of Wabawnet Village, Mongyun, Sam Net,
19, son of U Aikpe Lu, of WanU Village, Panhsan Township, and Aik Sam, 20, son
of U Aik Kat.

The case was sent to Tachilek Township Court.
On 31 July, the court sentenced Aik Lon to three years’ imprisonment according
to Section 15 and 16 years’ imprisonment according to 19 (A) to run separately,
and Aik Sam and San Net to 16 years’ imprisonment.