Two jailed for illicit drug possession

Two jailed for illicit drug possession


27 Feb – The Yangon East District court punished two for illicit possession of

stimulant tablets, giving imprisonment to them on 20 February this year. The

combined team comprising members of local intelligence unit and local Myanmar

Police Force, acting on information, stopped and searched the bus with the

number plate KaKa/4699 in front of the Shukhintha Hotel in Thakayta Township at

10.45 am on 28 July 2001 and seized 3,886 stimulant tablets from passengers Aye

Aye Thwe and her son Tun Tun Lin. Further investigation led to the seizure of

more 1,992 stimulant tablets.

The Thakayta Township police station filed Aye Aye Thwe, 40,

daughter of U Maung San of Migyaungtat Village in Amarapura Township and her son

Tun Tun Lin, 21, son of U Min Kyi under Section 15/19(A)/20(A)/21 of Narcotic

Drug and Psychotropic Substances Law. The Yangon East District court heard the

case and sentenced Tun Tun Lin to 15 years’ imprisonment under Section 19(A) and

20 years’ imprisonment under Section 20(A)/21 to serve separately, and Aye Aye

Thwe to 15 years in prison under Section 19(A)/21 and 20 years under Section

20(A)/21 to serve separately.


Poppy fields destroyed in Laukkai, Kongyan townships

Yangon, 26 Feb –

Tatmadaw columns in cooperation with local national races have destroyed poppy

fields and raided the camps where drugs are produced yearly. In June 2001,

altogether 219 men and 13 women totalling 232 were arrested in Laukkai in Kokang

Region by members of Special Region-1, in Shan State (North) for elimination of

drugs and peace and tranquillity of the region. In cooperation with members of

Drug Elimination Group, action was taken against production, storage and

purchasing of drugs with added momentum at border area and in the region since

September 2001.

This year, Tatmadaw-men, members of Special Region-1 in Shan

State (North) and local people destroyed 2011.25 acres of poppy fields from 23

January to 19 February 2002. At present, the Government in cooperation with

national race leaders made arrangement for extended cultivation of poppy

substitute crops such as mango, cashew, orange, lychee, pineapple, corn, walnut,

sweet nut, tea, paddy, sugar cane and rubber and extended breeding of cattle and

fish for the convenience of local people in Kokang region. Moreover, in

cooperation with Japan, as poppy substitute crop, buckwheat has been cultivated

on a commercial scale. In 2000, 1,650 acres of buckwheat had been grown in the

region and over 3,500 acres of land had been put under buckwheat in 2001-2002.

The Japanese Government presented ´ 800 million for the development of Kokang

region and the project to upgrade Laukkai-Kongyan Road and install power line in

Kyashishu Village has been implemented.


Over 102 acres of poppy fields destroyed in Kutkai

Yangon, 24 Feb – A combined team comprising local Tatmadaw

members, Myanmar Police Force members, elders of Kutkai Township and Namphetka

Village-tract and officials, destroyed 102.5 acres of poppy fields in Namphetka

Village-tract, Kutkai Township, Shan State (North), from 18 January to 6



Drug trafficker sentenced

Yangon, 21 Feb – A combined team comprising members of local

intelligence unit and railway police, acting on a tip-off, searched passenger Aung Myo Min, who was on board Mandalay-Myitkyina express train, at Khin Oo

Station at 6.45 pm on 25 March 2001, and seized 654 grams of raw opium and 390

stimulants. In connection with the case, the Khin Oo Police Station filed Aung

Myo Min, 27, son of U Hla Maung of Aung Tha Pyay Ward 1, Moehnyin under Section

15/16 (C)/ 19(A) of Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Law. Shwebo

District Court handed down a fifteen-year imprisonment on him under Section

19(A) on 31 January 2002.


Drug traffickers sentenced

Yangon, 20 Feb – A combined team comprising members of local

intelligence unit and local police force, acting on a tip-off, searched a bus

with number plate 7 Ka/1764, which is plying between Shwekyin and Yangon, in

front of Nyaunglebin Police Station on 28 August 2001 morning. The authorities

seized 7.8384 kilos of marijuana inside the handbag of passengers Myo Aung and

Thant Zaw Lin (a) Phoe Tayoke.

In connection with the case, Nyaunglebin Police station filed

Myo Aung, 27, son of U Pwe of Kwinthaygyi Village, Nyaunglebin Township, and

Thant Zaw Lin (a) Phoe Tayoke, 25, son of U Mann and Chaw Sein, 40, son of U Hla

Htwe of Yanmyoaung Village, Kyaukkyi Township, under Section 15/16 (C)19 (A) of

Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Law. Toungoo District Court handed

down 20 years’ imprisonment on Myo Aung under Section 19 (A), 15 years’

imprisonment on Thant Zaw Lin under Section 19 (A) and five years’ imprisonment

on Chaw Sein under Section 15 on 31 January 2002.


2,933 drug-related cases exposed in 2001


19 Feb – The Tatmadaw, the Myanmar Police Force and the Customs Department

exposed 2,933 drug-related cases in year 2001. Among the seizures were 1629.0691

kilos of opium in 393 cases, 96.7442 kilos of heroin in 1,028 cases, 6.52 kilos

of morphine in one case, 18.6841 kilos of opium oil in 43 cases, 141.7037 kilos

of low-grade opium in 122 cases, 284.3868 kilos of marijuana in 258 cases,

759.639 litres of phensedyl in 46 cases, 32,438,981 stimulant tablets in 613

cases, 3922.1687 kilos of Ephedrine in 11 cases, 664.5678 kilos of stimulant

powder in seven cases, 79.5725 litres of cough syrup in 11 cases, 3,024 kilos of

caffeine in two cases, 75.6588 kilos of opium paper in 13 cases, 12,318.432

litres of Acetic Anhydride in two cases, 174,191.1549 litres of chemical liquid

in 21 cases, 21,925.8374 kilos of chemical powder in four cases, 375 kilos of

Phenyl Acetic Acid in one case, 107 bottles of morphine injection in two cases,

253 cases for failure to register and 102 other cases. Action was taken against

4,256 persons’ 3,430 men and 826 womenÑ in connection with 2,933 drug-related

cases in year 2001. A total of 1,007.96 acres (408.22 hectares) of poppy

plantation in Shan State(South), Shan State (North), Kachin State and Magway

Division have been destroyed till 31 January in 2001-2002 poppy cultivation



Sixth Myanmar-Thai drug control meeting held


15 Feb – Under the Myanmar-Thai drugs joint control programme, the sixth

transnational meeting on Myanmar-Thai drug control programme was held at

Ayethaya Golf Resort Hotel in Taunggyi Township, Shan State, yesterday and


It was attended by the Myanmar delegation led by Secretary of

the Central Committee for Drug Abuse Control Director-General of Myanmar Police

Force Police Maj-Gen Soe Win and the Thai delegation led by Vice

Secretary-General of the Narcotics Control Board of Thailand (ONCB) Mr Chartchai

Suthiklom. Grass roots level meeting was held yesterday and high-ranking

officials meeting was held today. They discussed matters related to bilateral

cooperation in drugs control programme.


Poppy plantations destroyed in Kokant, Shan State (North)


14 Feb – Concerted efforts are being made for total elimination of cultivation

and production of poppy in Laukkai, Kokant region, Shan State (North), by the

year 2005 after setting up aims, reduction of yearly poppy cultivation and

cultivation of more poppy substitute crops in the region. Members of Myanmar

Police Force, the special anti-drug squad, departments, Kokant Special Region No

1 and local people, led by local regiments and district and township Peace and

Development Councils, are now destroying poppy plantations in the region

beginning 2002. In Laukkai District from 23 January to 5 February, a total of

1,633.25 acres of poppy plantations  213.25 acres in Hsankawkywin, Manshin,

Yweehtan, Tashan, Maw-htaik, Chinseikhtan and Shaukkai village-tracts in Kongyan

Township, 1,037 acres in Hositonhaw, Hwe-tauklin, Shikwelan, Pawai, Kyweepa,

Taungkoelon and Namkaw villages in Tashwe-htan Village-tract and 383 acres in

Takanhtan, Phyin-gyanshwe, Shaukkanhtan, Panwaing and Hsinshwehtan villages in

Pasinkyaw Village-tract Ñ were destroyed. Officials concerned provided

assistance to those whose poppy plantations were destroyed. Continued efforts

are being made to destroy the remaining poppy plantations.



Poppy plantation destroyed in Ngaphe Township


13 Feb – A combined team comprising Tatmadawmen, members of the local

Intelligence Unit, Myanmar Police Force and departments, acting on information,

destroyed 1.56 acres of poppy plantation about one mile south-west of Naung

Village, Ngaphe Township, Magway Division, on 27 January.


Drug traffickers sentenced


7 Feb – A combined team comprising members of local intelligence unit and Muse

Special Anti-Drug Squad, at the request of the People’s Republic of China,

searched a house of Shan Chao Meng of Shwethamin Ward, Muse on 4 September 2001

and seized one litre of opium liquid, 30 grams of dried opium, 600 grams of

opium residue and a pipe for using heroin.

 In connection with the case, Shan Chao Meng, 30, son of U

Shan Shin Hui of Shwethamin Ward in Muse, Shan Chao Shin, 21, son of U Shan Shin

Hui and Yin Lao Pha, 17, son of U Yin Jia Sui of Kalai Village in Kutkai

Township were booked by Muse Police Station under Section 15/19(A)/ 21 of

Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Law. On 21 December 2001, Muse

District Court passed a 12 years’ imprisonment under Section 19(A) and a death

sentence under Section 20(B) on Shan Chao Meng to serve separately, and a 12

years’ imprisonment under Section 19(A) each on Shan Chao Shin and Yin Lao Pha.


Raw opium seized in Momauk


2 Feb – A combined team comprising members of local intelligence unit and local

police force, acting on information, searched a passenger car at the entrance of

Momauk on 17 October 2001 and seized 1.012 kilos of raw opium concealed in the

bag of passenger Pawsa Naw Aung. Action was taken against Pawsa Naw Aung, 23,

son of U Pawsa Phan Wa, of Mongkhaung Village, Mansi Township and Datan Bran

Aung, 24 , son of U Naw Dee, of Mankyawt Village, Namtu Township under Section

15/19 (A)/21 of Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Law in connection

with the seizure of the drug. Pawsa Naw Aung was sentenced to ten years’

imprisonment under Section 19 (A) and Data Bran Aung to five years’ imprisonment

under Section 15 by Bhamo District Court on 19 Decemeber 2001.