CCDAC discusses anti-drug measures

CCDAC discusses anti-drug


Yangon, 30 Sept

– The Central Committee for Drug Abuse Control held its Meeting No 4/2002 at the

meeting hall of the Ministry of Home Affairs at 2 pm today, with an address by

Chairman of CCDAC Minister for Home Affairs Col Tin Hlaing.

In his address, CCDAC Chairman Minister Col Tin Hlaing said

that as regards cultivation of poppy-substitute crops, the new destiny project

has been laid down and is being implemented in five project states where poppy

is being cultivated most. In the first phase, 87.99 per cent of the monsoon

crops cultivation project have been completed up to 4-9-2002, and cultivation of

poppy-substitute winter crops, the second phase of the project, will be launched

with the help of the Task Force. And those concerned in the Task Force are to

make field trips and to make all-out efforts for successful implementation of

the project.


He stressed the need for those who are engaged in livestock

breeding are to continue their efforts in the development of the livestock

breeding project in Konhing Township and Homing region, Shan State (South).

Measures are being taken for development of Shwe-pyitha/Shwepyiaye youth

rehabilitation camps. Arrangements are also being made to enable foreign guests

to visit the camps, and all are to make earnest efforts for the development of

the camps. In addition, the officials concerned are to make efforts for

successful implementation of the cultivation of poppy-substitute mulberry and

culture of silkworms presented by Myanmar Border Areas Development Association.







He praised Myanmar Anti-Narcotics Association for

successfully forming the district level association. The announcement of

Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances under Notification No 2/2002 in

accord with 1971 UN Convention by the Ministry of Health on August 2002; 20

major centres for drug addicts under Notification 4/2002, 22 minor centres for

drug addicts under Notification 5/2002, holding of workshop on drafting of laws

on control of money and property obtained by illegal means held in June and

implementation of the tasks of various groups of CCDAC in August 2002, he


CCDAC Vice-Chairmen Minister Col Thein Nyunt explained the

cooperation with the international organizations in narcotic drug control in

border areas, opening of project offices, construction of roads, construction of

schools, health care services, assistance provided to livestock breeding and

agriculture, cooperation of local people in drug eradication and future tasks.

CCDAC Vice-Chairman Minister for Foreign Affairs U Win Aung

explained presentation of reports related to handing over poppy seeds by farmers

out of their own volition, destroying and setting fire of poppy seeds and

narcotic drugs and taking effective action against corruption on narcotic drugs

in implementation of new goal project for drug eradication in Myanmar at the

ASEAN Foreign Ministers’ Meeting held in Brunei in August and those present at

the meeting fully accepted the presentation. Myanmar included in seven Asian

nations to be chosen at UN Narcotic Drugs Commission to be held in 2003 and the

international organizations has accepted the new goal project undertaken by

Myanmar. Minister for Labour U Tin Winn explained ODCCP, UN and USA began to

accept the correct review of Myanmar’s efforts in the fight against narcotic


In the notification of United Nation Information Service

stated that Myanmar’s efforts in eradication and reduction the narcotic drugs

was the right act and but international cooperation was needed for long-term

success in the fight against the drug. CCDAC Joint Secretary Pol Col Khan Aung

reported on work done on resolutions of CCDAC Meeting No 3/2002 held on 6 July

2002, followed by a general round of discussions. The meeting ended with the

concluding remarks by the CCDAC Chairman.