Opium refineries exposed in Lashio Township

Opium refineries exposed in

Lashio Township


14 Feb – A combined team comprising members of the Tatmadaw men, the local

intelligence unit and Myanmar Police Force, receiving information that there

were opium refineries at Monyaw/Monkyat region in Lashio Township, Shan State

(North), stormed and combed the areas on 29 January, 2002, and seized two opium

refining camps, 18 big tents , 42.72 kilos of heroin, three kilos of powdered

morphene, 383.18 kilos of raw opium, 57 litres of heroin liquid, 568 litres of

Acetic Anhydride, 3069 litres of ethyl alcohol, 114 litres of Lysol, 170 litres

of hydrochloric acid, 75 kilos of bone charcoal, eight glass steamers, one Ethyl

steamer and eight items of other related equipment. Action is being taken in

connection with the seizure of the precursor chemicals and equipment under the

Narcotic Drugs and Psycho-trophic Substances Law.