Narcotic drugs seized in Hsihseng, Kutkai

Narcotic drugs seized in

Hsihseng, Kutkai


21 April – According to the information on refining of the narcotic drugs

undertaken by Law Lu and Tun Shwe of Banyin village, Hsihseng Township, the

local national races of Hsihseng Township, Shan State (South), searched the

refinery on the hill, east of Pyiyan village, Hsihseng Township, on 21 March.

The national races seized Law Haik, son of Law Lu, together

with 143 kilos of morphine block, one kilo of morphine powder, 13 grams of

Ephedrine powder, 448 litres of acid, 65 kilos of chemical powder, 65 kilos of

charcoal powder, six items of paraphernalia, three weapons, one magazine and one

bayonet and sent them to the departments concerned. Similarly, a combined team

comprising members of local intelligence unit and Myanmar Police Force, acting

on information, searched the house of Daw Nang Dwe, daughter of U Zaw Hka at Nga/143,

Ward 5, Nam-hphetka village, Kutkai Township, Shan State (North) on 30 March and

seized Daw Nang Dwe with 0.018 kilo of heroin and K 567,800 from the sale of

narcotic drugs. Action is taken against them under the Narcotic Drugs and

Psychotrophic Substances Law at the respective police stations.