GOLDEN LAND – Golden Smiles





Myanmar –

a colourful patchwork of over 135 ethnic groups, each with a heritage of its own, a most

enchanting and friendly people. A land of Golden Smiles awaits the traveller.

With most of the country virtually untouched by commercialised

tourism, travellers jaded with fast- paced tours will be greatly refreshed by her splendid

natural scenic beauty, quiet, easygoing and charming people, and the prevailing relaxed

and accomodating atmosphere.

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Myanmar Hospitality- no unexpected visitor will be

turned away

Smiling Lahu girl

A colourful

patchwork two thirds of Myanmar’s 40 million people are Bamars, with the Shan as the

second largest group. Other major ethnic groups are Kayin, Chin, Kachin, Kayah, Mon,

Padaung, Wa, Naga, Lahu, Lisu and Yaw.

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Kachin girl

Myanmar Smiling girl



people of this land are very hospitable. They are excellent hosts; you will find yourself

a most welcome guest in any Myanmar home. They love a good joke and one of their delights

is to while away the evening with friends over a pot of tea, exchanging stories and

amusing anecdotes.

If you believe that one important travel

experience is to learn about the people of the land and develop friendships, Myanmar is

your destination.

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