GOLDEN LAND – Introducing Myanmar




LAND – Introducing Myanmar

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he legendary “Golden Land” –

this is still the Myanmar of today. Certainly one of the most exotic countries in the

world-aland of astounding beauty and charm that moved Kipling to pen these apt words:

“quite unlike any land you will ever know”.

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Myanmar Monks



Myanmar is a paradise to discover, a destination

for discerning travellers to explore and experience the mystical charms of the East in all

its diversity – rich archaeological sites, glittering pagodas, a wealth of cultures,

colourful festivals and arts. Myanmar is also blessed with an awe-inspiring range of

natural sights – idyllic land- scape, lush fertile plains, vast virgin jungles, majestic

snowcapped mountains, pristine beaches washed by crystal clear waters, fragrant pine trees

and sunflowers bathed in abundant sunshine.

But most of all, perfectly complemented by a

most gracious and hospitable people.

You will certainly enjoy

Myanmar…look back in awe, knowing that you must surely return.




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Myanmar Traditional


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   Myanmar New Year

” Thingyan