Interdiction of Convoys of Opium Traffickers

       In addition to targeting and destruction of opium refineries and poppy fields, the Tatmadaw interdicted the convoys of armed insurgents transporting opium. Prior information was sought on their possible movements and the Tatmadaw launched attacks on those convoys transporting for sale under armed protection opium produced and processed by the insurgent groups. From 1980 to 1989, acting on information, the Tatmadaw interdicted opium convoys of Loimaw, Burma Communist Party and Lahu insurgents, Shan insurgents (Moe Hein Group) and Wa insurgents in 53 encounters.

In these interdictions, the Tatmadaw lost 8 members and 22 were wounded, and 53 enemies were captured dead, together with 43 assorted arms and 24 kilos and 965 kg of raw opium.

                                                THRUSH aircrafts being refilled with 2.4D chemical liquids


                                     PC (6) Surveillance Aircraft flying over the poppy fields to be destroyed.


                                                          Poppy fields being destroyed by aerial spraying


                                                           Poppy fields being destroyed by aerial spraying