Narcotic Drugs Elimination Strategy of Myanmar

Narcotic Drugs Elimination

Strategy of Myanmar

The Government of the Union of Myanmar

has laid down the following twin strategies for the elimination of narcotic

drugs and psychotropic substances;

Two Strategies

(a)To exert all-round efforts so as to accelerate anti-drug campaign as a

national endeavour;

(b)To gradually eliminate the practice of poppy cultiation, while improving the economic and social life of the national races and the border areas.

Adoption of Tactics

In order to implement the above two strategies, the following three tactics and

three techniques were also laid down by the Government;

(a) Three Tactics

 – Law enforcement;

 – Supply Elimination;

 – Demand Elimination.

(b) Three Techniques

 – To uplift and change the morale and perception of drugs users and poppy growers:

 – To secure smooth and easy transportation and communications between the nationals residing in highland

areas and those in mainland:

 – To uplift the economic and social life of the national races residing in the border areas.

Implementation Through Division of Sectors

In order to carry out the works in line with the afore-mentioned two strategies, three

tactics and three techniques, the drugs control measures are being undertaken in each of the

following separate four main sectors;

(a) Law Enforcement:

(b) Supply Elimination:

(c) Demand Reduction:

(d) International Relations.

Law Enforcement

Measures for law enforcement on suppression of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances are being undertaken by the following institutions in Myanmar:

(a) Tatmadaw (Armed Forces

(b) Myanmar Police Force,

(c) Customs Department.