241 drug cases exposed in Sept

241 drug cases exposed in Sept

Yangon, 29 Oct –

The Tatmadaw, Myanmar Police Force and the Customs Department exposed 241

drug-related cases in September.

Seizure made by them were 49.5534 kilos opium in 27 cases,

36.9785 kilos of heroin in 97 cases, 0.7999 kilo of opium oil in five cases,

13.7917 kilos of low grade opium 18 cases, 41.3697 kilo of marijuana in 23

cases, eight litres of Phensedyl in two cases, 37,865 stimulant tablets in 35

cases, 0.9 kilo of Ephedrine, 0.0062 kilo of stimulant powder in one case, 1.82

litre of cough syrup in one case, 6.4127 kilos of opium powder in four cases, 22

cases for failure to register and six other cases. Action was taken against

altogether 329 persons 252 men and 77 women in 241 cases in September 2002.